Bartlett House Jam


About the Products

4 Reds: a mix of raspberries, strawberries, red currants and cranberries create a sweet and tart combination

About the Company
Low sugar, high flavor is a priority for each jam recipe and almost all the ingredients are sourced from farms within a few miles of Bartlett House in Ghent, NY. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients from the lush, fruitful Hudson Valley provides both a highly localized flavor for the jams as well as enforcing the brands ethos –to support social and economic growth to the surrounding community.

Alina, who co-founded Fresh in 1991 lends her passion for design to everything at Bartlett House, including the packaging for the jam collection. She says of the colorful labels with patterns she personally designed, “the rich and vibrant color palette is inspired by the juicy fruits, berries and vegetables in the recipes.” Each is wax-sealed by hand– a detail reminiscent of Lev and Alina’s early soaps at Fresh.