Dona Chai Concentrate


About the Products 

Perfectly spiced and lightly-sweetened. Notes of organic black tea, green cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, cloves and black peppercorn in every sip.  Mix equal parts concentrate and milk. Heat, steam or pour over ice.

About the Company

Dona, crafts tea concentrates from quality ingredients They use real spices sourced from farms around the world for their natural sweetness, variety and quality.  The better the spice, the bigger the flavor so they can use less sugar.

Their small team slow-steeps ingredients in small batches at their brewery in Brooklyn. First, each spice is cupped to test for flavor profile, natural sweetness and body. The brewing process begins with whole spices that are ground fresh per batch. Then the slow steeping process begins which uses gentle circulation, temperature control and triple filtration. This develops flavor while optimizing extraction, ensuring the same beautiful flavors every time. Finally, in an effort to maximize sustainability, after the brewing process, all ingredients are composted locally.